Monday, August 4, 2008

Final Project: Reading Food Labels

Welcome class!

Our project on reading food labels will enable us all to make healthy choices whenever we shop for food. Have you ever really looked at a food label? Do you understand what it says? Are you confident about making the best choice when comparing labels? Watch the following video.

1. With a classmate, visit these sites:

2. Keeping in mind the information from the video & the various sites you've visited, you will create a food label using [Microsoft] Paint:

Here's a good example.

3.Using the information you've gathered, start thinking of how you would design a food label. What would you include? Say why you do or don't like the labels you currently find on food items? Explain you additions, omissions or improvements.

Below is a label I started for you. Working with Paint, design a complete label.

Below is your Wiki page. Document each person's role (research, design, etc.) , collaboration, and input. The Wiki is your means of communication during this project.

To get to your Wiki page: